Disgust EP

by Corrupt Government

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Recored on 7/9/11 @ Prime Artist Studios in Portland, ME with Mike Sajecki of Chump Change Recordings.
All songs written by Corrupt Government.
Temporary artwork found at: www.gwpda.org/photos/coppermine/displayimage.php?pos=-1367


released July 21, 2011

Alex: drums, Christian: Bass, Matt: Guitar, vocals




Corrupt Government Saco, Maine

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Track Name: Like Daggers
These ideas pierce like daggers
They'll stab right through you
And you won't stop them
No matter what you do.
These ideas will be realized
You can't hold them down
They'll take like a dagger to your back
And leave you bleeding on the ground.

The time has come, the time is now
Our unrest will cut you down.
Track Name: Censored Minds
Told how to think your whole life through
You'll never see from your own point of view.
Been kept in the dark too long
You'll never sing another song.
At the first chance they censored your mind
You chose not to see and now you're blind.

I will never comply.
I will never submit.
My mind is something
I will never forfeit.
Track Name: Extinction
Raped and pillaged
Burned and razed
Throwing our lives away
By the day.
Take and take
Forever receiving
Squandering the air
That we're breathing.
Destroy this land 'til in it we lie
Without a second though
We're living to die.

We treat this earth like a toy.
Gamble with fate for all it's worth
And when we're extinct
It'll be our just deserve.